Learn How Medical and Pharma Reps Should Use Video

Marketing, Sales, and Communications teams at both pharmaceutical and medical device companies face a myriad of challenges. Informative content has to be delivered to both medical providers and lay people, two groups with very different technical understanding; messaging and communications around medicine is regulated; and pharma companies are navigating emotionally and technically complicated topics.

However, video is a great way to combat those challenges. Video allows for a genuine narrative to be created and shared, gives experts within the industry a way to both simplify and humanize key topics, and ensures brands can respond quickly to relevant topics. By embracing video, pharma and medical device reps can educate healthcare providers and consumers, while growing brand awareness.

Companies that want to see growth and success should be making these types of videos:


Pharma & Medical Sales Videos

Engage & Educate the Medical Industry

OpenReel empowers pharmaceutical & medical device companies to create standout healthcare provider and consumer engagement programs through powerful video.

Educational Content for Consumers

Leverage in-house experts to both educate and inspire viewers. Videos with clear information, free of medical jargon, can be a powerful source of information for consumers looking for more information about medical issues, research, and breakthroughs. By establishing your company as a trusted source of information, you also position yourself as a route to a better, healthier life.

  • Doctors, pharmacists, or researchers explaining medical issues and illnesses
  • Doctors or researchers explaining treatment methods
  • Doctors explaining at-home care options


Educational Content for Healthcare Providers

Pharma and medical sales work closely with healthcare providers to get the latest developments into doctor offices and surgical rooms. Educating doctors on breakthrough treatment, efficacy, and application is key to the success of new treatments.

  • Personalized outreach to clients and prospects
  • Educational videos to guide doctors on what your company is selling


Help Your Team Actually Want to Make Video

Making videos should be a team effort. Whether you want more tutorials for customers or a way to eliminate too many meetings, video content can make a difference. These five tips will help your team embrace video content creation.

Social Responsibility Highlight Reels

Videos are a powerful way to capture and convey the significant community impact your company has. Highlight company initiatives for giving back, participation in local charity work, employees’ volunteer work, and acknowledgement of important national and cultural events.

  • Video of employees at company volunteer events
  • Video of employees talking about the company’s response to timely social issues
  • Executives discussing charitable initiatives the company cares about
  • Community members discussing the ways they’ve benefitted from work your company has done


Testimonial Videos

Testimonials are one of the most effective ways companies in the medical field can reach their audience. Not only is it an opportunity to showcase the people whose lives have been changed and improved as a direct result of a particular product, but it’s also an opportunity to inspire others to make positive changes in their own health and wellbeing.

This category can include:

    • A real person speaking about their experience
    • Actors reading real testimonials from people who did not want to be filmed
    • Doctors telling stories of the patients they have helped


Influencer Brand Partnerships

For certain products, brand partnerships with social media personalities, including those in the medical field, and celebrities are an incredible way to establish trust with your audience and increase brand awareness. In this category, you do the work on the front end to identify the right people and conceptualize the message you want them to send, then send them a Video Request link so they can easily film authentic videos on your behalf.

  • Partner with an influencer who has personally used and liked one of your products
  • Partner with an influencer or celebrity who has a family member who has used one of your products and is willing to talk about it
  • Partner with doctor or mental health clinician influencers who want to authentically promote your products

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