5 Simple Tips for Creating Impactful Video Testimonials

As video testimonials grow in popularity among marketing and sales teams, quality matters more than ever. But how can you get the best content from the speaker in your video testimonial? Follow our tips for creating great customer testimonials.
Testimonial Video with Clients

Video testimonials are powerful tools for showing — not just telling — people about the value of your products and services. You can leverage the genuine words of praise from real clients delivered with authenticity.

But just like a well-written text testimonial, the video version must also be carefully planned. Here are some steps to make sure your video testimonials get engagement and attract new leads.

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Use real customers in video testimonials

We’ve all seen the polished brand videos that attempt to tell a first-person story, but then there’s the small text at the bottom of the screen that says: “Actor portrayal.” There’s no better way to bulldoze the effectiveness of your video testimonial than not using real customers. Not only does this give you an additional way to build trust with your audience, but clients are able to tell their genuine experience with your brand or product and can do so in their own words. That makes it believable, compelling, and authentic. No actor can recreate that level of authenticity.


Prepare questions for your client testimonial

If you were creating a written testimonial, you would carefully plan, craft, and edit that content. Prepare the same way for a video testimonial. Schedule a pre-production call to ask your client about what they would like to discuss, and get a better feel for their experience and use cases with your brand or product. You can then prepare questions that both help them relax and be comfortable on camera and that encourage them to speak to some of the details you picked up during your pre-pro conversation.


Location and background matter

Film location is very important for providing context and telling a story. Pick a location that is appropriate for your client’s business or your brand. For example, if you work with restaurant owners, it’s a good idea to film a video testimonial in a restaurant setting. Those visual cues on the background both contribute to the video’s authenticity and overall messaging.


Address the problem the product solves

As with any piece of brand content you create and distribute, you want to make sure the testimonial engages viewers and keeps them watching. An important strategy is to have a hook — even with a testimonial. Ask questions that will prompt your client to discuss all stages of their relationship with your product or brand, from identifying their own pain points, deciding to be a client, the problem it solves, and why the product is great. This approach will help viewers relate to the testimonial in a more personal way as they can follow the experience and see their own in it.


Limit client testimonials to 1-2 minutes

The goal should be to tell a tight, convincing story about your brand’s value, so keep your video short and concise. Think about creating a story arc that introduces your subject, sets up why they interacted with your brand and explains the specific problem it solved for them.


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