Videos Create More Conversions, Less Stress for Sales Teams

Will an enticing popup, an impressive testimonial, or a chatbot contribute to your sales? Businesses have no shortage of vendors and methods to increase their pipeline and close deals.

Is it time for Sales teams — and the rest of the organization — to take a page out of the Marketing playbook? Marketers recommend videos to facilitate conversations with customers. But what do consumers say about it?

84% of people say they were encouraged to purchase a product or service, and 74% were convinced to download an app or software after watching a brand’s video.

All the research and the stats point towards one thing: videos will dominate the future of business growth. By providing precise information about your products and services through videos, you increase customer confidence and overcome sales obstacles.

In this article, we’ll explore more on the benefits of videos for increasing sales and how brands can easily record video online without disrupting their existing workflows.


Business Videos to Record Online

10 Videos Every Company Should Make

These 10 types of video will have an instant impact on your business.

Why You Need to Start Using Sales Video in Your Sales Strategy

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While a prospect might ignore your email message or a lengthy social paragraph about the latest product, a video message like this will receive more clicks. The video delivers immediate gratification of the recipient’s needs — knowing exactly what the product does — with the smallest work on their part since information is delivered quickly, directly, and straightforwardly. 

Each view takes your Sales team a step closer to closing a new deal.


Reduce Redundancy, Get Messages Across the First Time

Written content about your product or service can be redundant or lack clarity. However, a short sales video, which gives you the ability to demonstrate what you are offering while also explaining it, can simplify important information and deliver the message clearly.

A consumer might not read your long product description but will likely watch a short video that offers valuable information about your product.


Directly Measure Results

Because Sales teams are flooded with options to increase results, it’s even more important to utilize tools that have proven ROI and deliver conversions. When creating, hosting, and sharing video from reliable platforms, sellers have built in video analytics that show measurable results. View counts, engagement, comments, and shares are all ways to track how many people are being exposed to your product or sales pitch. 

Even better? Because video is the most engaging form of digital communication, each of those analytics is going to be higher than a simple email or a cold call. With higher conversations rates from your video to your product page, your ROI will go up — and you’re a step closer to closing the deal.


record professional video instead of meetings

Too Many Meetings? Here’s Where You Can Substitute Video.

Asynchronous video is a powerful solution to overloaded calendars, eliminating pointless meetings without removing the human touch that meetings can deliver.

Video Prospecting at Scale

In order for video to be embraced as a natural part of any team’s workflow, sellers must be empowered to create Sales videos from start to finish by themselves. The first step is to integrate software with existing technology: sellers should be able to film with their webcams or phones. Next, forget about complicated editing software; utilize automated editing that is part of the recording platform. This eliminates the need to export, then import clips, and ensures no post-production team is needed to finish the final video. Additionally, by delivering solutions with built-in brand control, you can remove bottlenecks and ensure videos can be created and shared just as easily as an email.

Remote Sales Wins with Personalized Video

Consider this: if 84% of people prefer purchasing a product after viewing a video, as we mentioned at the beginning of this article, how many would be intrigued to buy it after streaming a personalized video? 

Personalization, without a doubt, adds to the buyer experience, makes the prospect feel valued, and, in turn, boosts conversions.

Research your prospects and deliver customized videos to get their attention. Not only does this ensure your recipient feels valued, but it also provides them with targeted ways your product or service can impact their specific work. This has far greater impact on the sales relationship than a generic product message. 

Does the idea of creating custom videos sound overwhelming? With software that empowers your team to record video online and then use included free online video editor, this is incredibly easy to do. The catch is only to customize the first 20 seconds of the video and then merge it with the rest of the content.

On-Demand Sales with Pre-Recorded Pitches, Follow-Ups, & Closers

Sellers have their own list of FAQs compiled from the numerous calls, emails, and chats done every day. Maximize your time and, in turn, your close rate by making pre-recorded videos with these answers. By recording videos online and hosting them in a dedicated hub for prospects, you can utilize them throughout the sales process, easily and efficiently delivering pitches, follow-ups, and closing notes to sign the deal.

Need to make adjustments for a specific prospect’s questions? Remember you can simply record a new clip and merge it with an existing video to customize it for this use case.

Organize Pitches and Manage Sales Content with Collaborative Project Management

While it’s crucial to empower teams to be able to record video on their own, it’s equally important to utilize a video solution that allows collaboration and team spaces for project management. With a shared library, your Sales team can be inspired by teammates’ videos or share those videos with prospects. Additionally, this makes it easy for team leaders to leave feedback on any updates that need to be made.  

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The benefits of videos for sales are tremendous. They grab attention, increase engagement, and surge your sales.

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