Quiet on the Set: Prep Your Space for Good Audio

Quality audio recording is a vital part of your production that should not be overlooked. While it is important to select quality recording equipment, the manner in which you choose and prep your space for audio recording will impact your final audio product as well!

Prepare Recording space for good audio

There are three considerations to think about as you prep your space to ensure you record high-quality audio:

  1. Where to Record
  2. Background Noises
  3. Finishing Touches

Location, Location, Location: First things first, let’s choose a recording space

In terms of space selection, you are looking for a room that minimizes reflective sound as much as possible. A good way to test a potential recording room is to stand in the middle of the space and clap your hands. How much of an echo do you hear when you clap? If you hear a lot of noise coming back off the walls it is not the best place to record. The goal is to find a spot that minimizes the echo before it is captured by the microphone. If this room doesn’t work, it may be time to look for a new recording spot that does a better job of deadening the sound rather than amplifying it!

Quiet on the set! You’ve found the perfect space; now how do we handle the background noises that are unavoidable?

Sometimes hearing noises on your recordings are inevitable unless you film your video in a soundless vacuum. And since space travel and recording is not quite yet a thing, there are steps you can take to minimize unwanted background noises here on Earth. The key to minimizing background noise is to increase the distance between the noisemakers and the microphone. Make sure to turn off (and even temporarily unplug!) all unnecessary appliances like washers, dryers, dishwashers, and any HVAC, if possible. You should also avoid filming outside and make sure your shoot location is free from pets and any other pesky noisemakers.

The smallest details in your room can change the audio

Are most of your shoots going to take place in the same location? If so, you can consider purchasing a pack of Acoustic Panels to enhance your audio recording experience for the long term. These panels do a great job of sound dampening and noise reduction at a cost efficient price point. 


For a simpler DIY approach with materials you may already have on hand, add items into the room that will deaden the sound rather than reflect or amplify the sound. These additions will help absorb some of the sound, dampening the audio and making it better for recording. They can also provide an interesting background for the shoot. Another often overlooked tip is to make sure to keep all doors and windows closed in the rooms adjacent to your recording room to block additional sound.


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