Why Remote Video Creation™ is a critical component of your digital transformation

In this multi-part series, learn how to create a better business case for a Remote Video Creation™ platform across the organization and measure its impact on ROI.
Why Remote Video Creation is Critical

Fundamental disruption to the way video is being created

The last year has introduced a new digital remote workplace. Dining rooms have transformed into makeshift offices, toddlers make unexpected cameos on video meetings, and remote work has evolved our relationships with our coworkers and devices. These changes escalated quickly, and many businesses responded by leaning on email and video conferencing to replicate the in-office experience. Additionally, they use recordings from these live streaming and conferencing tools to keep pace with their video project roadmap or as a new form of face-to-face messaging across the organization. The result? Low-resolution videos that will one day soon be instantly recognizable as Covid-era.

The importance of video in remote and hybrid work environments

However, while this distributed workforce reality is becoming the new normal, it’s clear that we cannot superimpose in-office norms onto the remote world or even expect a full return to the way things once were. In fact, McKinsey released a report analyzing 40,000 B2B buyer-seller relationships across multiple continents. This was in the heart of the Covid-19 pandemic so the vast majority of these relationships were, of course, entirely digital. But here’s the catch: 80% of buyers said they would prefer to stay digital after the pandemic ends. A whopping 75% also prefer video to phone. Additionally, sales were, on average, 10% more effective than in-person. Put another way, potential and existing customers want to interact with you on video and they are more likely to engage than they would be in person.


Future-proofing your organization to navigate this new normal 

Just as businesses who resisted websites and email in the aughts lost out on revenue, businesses who don’t adapt to today’s digital tools are missing out on their share of the marketplace. If you’re thinking that creating video is far harder than opening an AOL account in 2001, well, you would have been right a few years ago. But since 2016, OpenReel has been on a mission to disrupt the way global enterprises, media conglomerates, agencies, scrappy startups, and nonprofits alike efficiently produce high-quality video remotely using devices they already have on hand. 


Making a case for Remote Video Creation within your organization

Purpose-built remote video creation technology allows distributed stakeholders to create affordable, high-quality video with an easy-to-use platform that can be used by anyone to change the way your company does business day-to-day. It’s fast, flexible, professional, and personal, opening doors for new ways to build relationships and make connections. Given that video is the new email, it’s never been more important to ensure your business isn’t left behind in this stage of the digital transformation. By helping you outline the business use case for Remote Video Creation™ within your organization, you can better understand which levers to measure and optimize the ROI of investment in a solution like OpenReel.


This blog is the initial installment of a five-part series designed to help you better understand and build a business use case for a Remote Video Creation™ platform, which is a crucial part of your distributed team’s content creation and collaboration technology stack. By adopting an end-to-end Remote Video Creation™ solution across the organization, you’ll future-proof your organization’s success in the era of hybrid and remote businesses’ digital transformation. Interested in learning more? Join our bi-weekly webinar where an OpenReel Account Executive provides a short demonstration of OpenReel’s tech plus insight into how it can be used to further your business and connect with your audience. Save your spot today

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