Deciding how to allocate scarce resources from one video project to the next

In this multi-part series, learn how to create a better business case for a Remote Video Creation™ platform across the organization and measure its impact on ROI.

One of the biggest challenges of individual video projects and utilizing videos, in general, as part of your brand strategy is deciding how to allocate resources. The huge expense of traditional shoots can eat up project budgets. The cumbersome logistics leave little room for experimentation. Lengthy timelines mean that, by the time the video finally rolls out, the topic is already old news; the time-to-market was simply too slow to be as effective as possible.


OpenReel reduces these concerns by virtually enabling distributed and hybrid teams worldwide to more efficiently and sustainably create professional-quality video at scale — from their couch using equipment they already have on hand and regardless of their film experience.

Reduce cost on crews, equipment, travel & locations

The huge expense of traditional video shoots can eat up your team’s budget with the cumbersome logistics leaving little room for experimentation, and the lengthy timelines means that, by the time the video finally rolled out, the topic may already old news: the time-to-market was simply too slow to be as effective as possible. Video and creative teams can save up to 90% of traditional video shoots. Customers have been able to film 10x the content with their existing budget using remote video creation. You can’t afford not to. OpenReel clients like Compass and ViacomCBS have enjoyed incredible ROI from deploying OpenReel into their production workflows. 


Shorten video production timelines

OpenReel was designed to also be a project management tool, ensuring the collaboration necessary to successfully shoot a video extends to the entire user experience. Favorite best takes, batch upload them to the cloud, and allow all stakeholders download access so they can be easily viewed and even edited while you’re shooting. In Remote Capture 2.0, Producers and Directors can create individual Projects within the platform, and all related files will be accessible and can be easily organized within that Project. Directors can also set clip naming conventions to further customize the organization system, and enjoy the convenience of batch downloads.


Establish a more sustainable content plan by saving your team’s resources

If you’ve ever filmed a Subject overseas, you’ve probably struggled with the resource-intensive aspects of filming on a global scale via traditional methods. With OpenReel, your team is supported in more than 125 countries around the world. Gone are the days when you needed to coordinate the logistics of global travel, lug cumbersome and expensive professional video equipment, then overnight storage devices to stakeholders and post-production teams at homebase hoping you got the shot. When it no longer matters where your stakeholders are located, or their level of experience with video creation, video becomes an accessible, affordable, and sustainable part of your business across the organization.


This blog is the final installment of a five-part series designed to help you better understand and build a business use case for a Remote Video Creation™ platform, which is a crucial part of your distributed team’s content creation and collaboration technology stack. By adopting an end-to-end Remote Video Creation™ solution across the organization, you’ll future-proof your organization’s success in the era of hybrid and remote businesses’ digital transformation. Interested in learning more? Join our bi-weekly webinar where an OpenReel Account Executive provides a short demonstration of OpenReel’s tech plus insight into how it can be used to further your business and connect with your audience. Save your spot today

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