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Here's What You Can Access on Capture 2.0

The most powerful and secure Remote Video Creation™ technology on the market is now available. Our updated video solutions make it even easier for your team to remotely film impactful webinars, compelling interviews, and engaging training videos in up to 4K with broadcast-quality bitrate and an in-platform, professional teleprompter — all from an iPhone, iPad, Android, webcam, or DSLR.

OpenReel Remote Video Capture

In addition to a more robust user interface, Remote Capture 2.0 adds a new suite of tools that enhance the recording experience on both sides of the camera, as well as audio, connectivity, and project management upgrades. Combined, these new capabilities significantly expand OpenReel’s platform, augmenting each user’s experience and simplifying the process for those newer to video creation. Now, each person involved with a video shoot can keep work processes more organized, resulting in efficient productions with professional quality footage.

Take a look below at some of the prominent changes and updated features users have at their disposal.

Redesigned Session interface

Meet the redesigned OpenReel platform: it’s new, it’s modern, it’s more robust, and it’s dark mode.

Higher resolution webcam recordings

You now have the ability to record up to 4K with a Webcam. The quality and available resolution will still be device-dependent.


Flexible frames-per-second capabilities

Select 24, 30, or 60 FPS with corresponding bitrate to suit your preferences and device
capabilities, ensuring smooth, high-quality playback of your HD footage.

Better Camera Controls

OpenReel Capture 2.0 delivers more visual controls at your fingertips with improved camera settings that can be utilized, when available, on the Subject’s device, including exposure control, white balance, resolution, FPS controls, focus, framing guides, and the ability to flip cameras.


Richer audio files

Our new Professional Audio feature can be enabled easily when a mobile Subject connects AirPods, turning off echo cancellation to put more power into the hands of Directors and providing them with up to 40% more data in audio files. This setting also enables seamless conversations, even when external mics are in use — no Click to Talk necessary.


Mic auto-detection & Click to Talk functionality

The platform now auto-detects when an external mic is connected to an iOS device. Additionally, our updated Click to Talk functionality allows for easier two-way communication between the Director and iOS Subjects, so you will no longer have to manually adjust audio settings.

Brand new Screen Record Beta feature

Utilize the professional video quality of OpenReel’s platform to remotely capture your Subject’s desktop screen, yielding crisp video presentations, platform demos, and more. Want to record your Subject’s screen while your Subject presents simultaneously? Simply leverage our multicam capabilities to film your subject on their mobile device and their screen via webcam recording.


Realtime speed tests

Never lose sight of a Subject’s internet speeds with our on-going real-time speed tests,
which will keep you informed throughout a shoot.

More efficient Subject invites

While Subjects can still easily join any Session through the OpenReel Capture 2.0 app by
inputting the Session ID, you can now easily invite them with either a Subject Access Link or an email, making your workflow more efficient.


Clip naming conventions

Set up naming conventions with auto-increasing clip numbers within your Session to make your shooting workflow more efficient.

Improved organization for Projects & Sessions

Now it’s even easier to organize and keep track of your projects and associated shoots. Create a Project and as many Sessions within that Project, as needed. All files related to those Sessions will be accessible from within that Project.


Improved gallery views

View all Collaborators and Subjects in a familiar gallery-view grid during a Session. Directors will also be able to pin feeds to dictate who the Webcam Subjects see on their end.


Bulk downloads

Download batches of files easily with our new bulk downloading feature.

Better teleprompter controls

The new Teleprompter makes collaboration a breeze, allowing you to save scripts
across Sessions within a Project and set script status for your teammates. Enjoy
improved formatting options and easy-to-adjust speed controls, as well.


Updated browser support

OpenReel 2.0 supports the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox browsers.

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