OpenReel Capture Product Updates, November 2021

What were we thankful for this November? The launch of Waiting Rooms and our Android Beta app landing in the Google Play store. You can read more about these exciting launches below, but stay tuned for a massive announcement before the end of the year!

November OpenReel Product Updates

As with any of our new updates and features, you must be using Capture 2.0 to take advantage. There’s a long list of reasons you should upgrade — screen record, 1080p resolution on webcam, richer audio files, just to name a few — plus it’s quick and easy. Schedule your training here.

Control when participants enter a Session

Directors can require participants to be manually admitted into a Session, rather than allowing Subjects to enter unannounced from their Session invite.

This in-Session setting includes three options, which Directors select from a drop-down menu:

    • No Admission. All participants can enter the Session without needing admission from the Director. This is the same as past versions of Capture.
    • Subjects Only. Only Subjects require admission from the Director. Collaborators and Watchers can enter directly
    • All Users. Subjects, Collaborators, and Watchers all require admission from the Director to enter the Session.


Android Beta is now available

One of the most frequent requests to our Dev team, OpenReel is thrilled for our Android Beta to be available for download. Subjects using Android 8.1 or higher devices simply need to search for OpenReel in the Play Store and download.

Android Beta supports the same features as our powerful iOS app, with a few exceptions:

  • External audio accessories, like lav mics
  • Professional Audio
  • Signal loss notification

These will all be features in the general access release of app.

Android users will enjoy the ability to move the app to background after recording is completed and know that files will still upload.


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