Here's What You Can Enjoy with OpenReel Events

A recent Content Marketing Institute survey, 58% of marketers responded that webinars were their top-performing content format and 51% said it was their best-performing video type. So webinars are clear winners for brands, right? Well, not necessarily.


In OpenReel’s own research, nearly 40% of respondents reported spending over 20 hours per week working on webinars. Those same creatives shared concerns about “no brand control,” “clunky” interface, and being harnessed to a platform where the webinar “experience [is] not engaging or interactive enough.”

Host Live Webinars

That brings us to our big news: we’re thrilled to officially introduce OpenReel Events. Just as Capture removed the stress from remote video creation, OpenReel Events is stripping the friction from planning and executing live webinars. It’s an easy-to-use platform, where anyone — Seriously, anyone. No marketing degree required and no need to hire an entire team to handle! — can quickly create, promote, manage, and host fully customized, immersive webinars. With a more streamlined, collaborative, and affordable workflow thanks to our live event technology’s impressive features, OpenReel customers can enjoy an even higher ROI while confidently scaling their event programs. Try OpenReel Events free for 14 days or read the official announcement here. 

Market your brand like a pro

OpenReel Events gives users the ability to execute total brand control across every aspect of the live webinar. Why? Our customers are spending time planning and hosting webinars and should not lose a single opportunity to connect with their core audience and grow brand awareness.


Design custom registration and webinar pages

As one of the first steps in planning a new webinar, users of our live event technology will upload their own logo, brand colors, fonts, and any event or brand imagery into clearly designated sections. These brand elements will be utilized on beautifully designed registration and event pages so that all attendees will see your brand — not ours — throughout the webinar experience.


Communicate with automated, on-brand emails

Event hosts can send webinar invitations directly from OpenReel Events, then build a customized workflow prompting registrations; reminding attendees about the live webinar; and following up with attendees. And, of course, the copy of these emails is completely customizable and features the branding already uploaded for the event.

Features built to keep your audience engaged with your webinar and your brand

The key element of a successful virtual event is engagement. OpenReel Events was designed to help you battle screen fatigue ensuring each event is a powerful way to develop meaningful relationships with attendees and expand brand awareness and trust.

Continue the conversation with dedicated breakout sessions

Breakout sessions are an opportunity to provide tailored content to your audience and strengthen your event engagement. Attendees of your main webinar can see all breakout sessions in their agenda and choose one or multiple to join. Host fun, on-brand workshops for attendees to demo new skills during with the hosts; provide networking opportunities between attendees; or organize in-depth discussions of specific topics related to the webinar topic.


Chat with attendees throughout their experience

Utilize OpenReel Events’ in-platform chat to engage with attendees and encourage attendees to chat with each other.


Share resources, like PDFs or videos, for attendees to download

Upload relevant files before your webinar and easily share them during your live event. Attendees will have access to download all resources straight from the resources tab in their sidebar or you can share via the chat feature. This is a powerful way to provide important collateral and takeaways.


Get in-the-moment feedback through polls and emoji reactions

Your audience can express their enjoyment of the speakers’ presentation with engaging emoji reactions that pop-up on the screen for all attendees to see. You can also further engage with live polls, providing a fun way to get the audience involved in the conversation.


Host Q&As live

Keep your questions organized in a dedicated Q&A section in the live webinar’s sidebar, ensuring the host team can easily answer questions and all attendees can review every answer.

The best live event technology ensures premium event management

Planning a live webinar takes enough of your time. Managing and hosting the event shouldn’t be an additional burden. OpenReel Events boasts first-in-class features unique to live virtual event technology that ensures you can easily support your hosts, speakers, and attendees, while eliminating additional steps that could make it hard to scale your webinar plans.


Enjoy OpenReel’s award-winning customer support

OpenReel’s team of video experts has won back-to-back (to-back!) awards for the way it supports customers on Capture. That same first-class support is also available to customers utilizing our live webinar technology. Detailed support articles are available in a thorough self-service Help Center, and dedicated team members are accessible via email, phone, or chat for immediate questions. Our team can even join your live webinar if you need further assistance!


Save time by uploading CSV registrations

Using an external registration form? No need to manually type in each name and email. Easily and quickly upload a .csv file of your registrants into your OpenReel-hosted live event. You can then utilize our technology to send on-brand, automated emails.


Support your hosts and speakers in a virtual backstage

OpenReel Events’ live webinar technology features a unique backstage where hosts, speakers, and organizers can all virtually congregate before and during the event itself. Here, you can talk privately on video or in the chat feature without event attendees having access. This adds yet another way in which you can support hosts and speakers and provide everyone with a seamless, enjoyable, well-organized webinar experience.


Record your webinar to use later

Webinars aren’t simply great live; each event is a valuable asset for your Sales and Marketing teams long after you end the live portion. Receive high-quality recordings to be used for social posts, ads for your next webinar, on-demand webinars, follow-up engagement with attendees, and educational resources for prospects and customers.


Integrate your own analytics for easy learnings

Tap into your integrated Google Analytics codes and learn from attendee data, registration lists, and in-webinar interactions to make your next webinar even more powerful.


Rest easy with industry-recognized security

OpenReel’s patented live webinar technology, as well as our remote video creation technology, has been architected to meet the best-in-class expectations and rigorous security standards of the most discerning enterprise organizations. From our GDPR compliance, to Amazon S3 integration and SSO, data privacy and security are our number one priorities as evidenced by our ISO 27001:2013 Certification.

Interested in learning more about OpenReel Events and its robust capabilities? Try OpenReel Events free for 14 days or request a personalized demo.


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