5 Types of Internal Comms That Should Be Video — Plus Ideas to Implement Today

Internal communications is one of the most natural ways a company can embrace video — yet it’s often overlooked. Human Resources and Operations teams are responsible for much of the lifecycle of an employee, from the first interview to their training to their continued learning and development. All of these things require clear communication and are only successful if employees are able to take the information in.

If the information is boring? Employees can tune out. Too complicated? They need to refer back to it again and again. Video eliminates these problems, improving employee understanding and, therefore, productivity and success. Below are major internal communication areas that can benefit from video, plus specific ideas you can implement today.

1. Company Welcome Video

Most of us have experienced that strange period of silence between accepting a job offer and actually starting the job. Your new employer is respecting your time by not reaching out before you’re a team member — but it certainly makes the first day jitters build. Now that you’re an employee, though, why not find ways to ease that? A company welcome video is a simple, incredibly effective way to bridge that communication gap experienced by new hires. Film team members saying hello, give a quick overview of what they’ll experience on their first day, and have different people discuss their favorite parts of working in the office. Actually seeing and hearing friendly faces before Day 1 can have an incredible impact on the morale for a new employee and set the tone for their new role.

  • Company overview
  • Meet the team
  • Department overviews


2. Training and Onboarding

Once new employees arrive, continue to support them with impactful, helpful videos. Onboarding packets leave new hires alone and training themselves with information that’s easy to glaze over and hard to understand. In-person training adds a personal touch, but it’s difficult for new hires, who have so much information to learn at once, to remember everything from that single session. Training and onboarding videos combine the best of both of these approaches, providing the new employee with an engaging lesson plan, featuring their coworkers, that can be watched and rewatched according to their needs. This is a better plan for you and your team, creating more educated, better trained employees, without pulling multiple people out of their day-to-days.

  • W-4 How-to
  • Benefits explanation
  • 401k Info
  • Explanation of PTO policy + how to submit


3. Learning & Development

Like training and onboarding, learning and development lessons can be more impactful if the target audience is engaged and communicated with clearly. Video empowers managers to do exactly that. Rather than finding time to get an entire company into a conference room for a verbal lesson, roll-out interesting videos that can be watched on each employee’s own time. This increases the ability of your team to actually learn the new skills and put them to use.

  • New skills training for specific roles
  • “Day in the Life” videos of other teams
  • Harassment & discrimination education
  • General business skills
  • Leadership & communication skills


4. Walk-through of Proprietary Technology Systems

Demonstrations can be difficult for both the demonstrator and the audience. Videos ease the pressure on the demonstrator, allowing them to carefully plan each step of the process, and ensure nothing is left out. Skip a crucial detail? Just record it later, and edit it to the correct spot in post-production. When the viewer receives the video, they can watch and rewatch the video until they are comfortable with the details of the tech and always have a clear guide to reference if they have questions down the line.

  • Explanation of company CMS
  • Explanation of any Sales or CRM tools
  • Walk-through of company intranet or wiki


5. Security Protocols

Security can be an intimidating topic for most employees, yet it’s crucial for any company who collaborates digitally. This is a great topic to combine in-person meetings or video calls with pre-recorded video in order to achieve maximum impact. Use the time together to discuss major protocols or updates to the company’s security, making sure to address why each matters. This encourages questions and discussions so you can get a temperature check for people’s comfort level with the topic. You can even play pre-recorded videos in the meeting before opening the floor for questions. After the meeting, send those videos around so your team can continue to learn and refer back to any new processes you have instituted that they need to implement on their own.

  • How to use the company’s SSO
  • How to build strong passwords
  • How to report suspected security incidents
  • How to avoid phishing scam

Want to learn more about using video for internal comms? Our 10-minute on-demand webinar is available now. For more ideas on using video across your business, view more use case articles today. 

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