How businesses are utilizing OpenReel to streamline video across their organization

In this multi-part series, learn how to create a better business case for a Remote Video Creation™ platform across the organization and measure its impact on ROI.
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Any person in any company can engage with the OpenReel platform and capture a professional quality video, regardless of their previous experience with filming. By simplifying video production without losing the professional quality, OpenReel broadens the realm of who can execute video projects within a company, while also expanding what projects can even be a video. Marketing teams using OpenReel can execute short social promotions with very little time-to-market; executives can shoot responsive, professional updates for their company, their board, their investors, and more. HR and Internal Communications can easily film onboarding and training videos, as well as create easy-to-understand, flexible messages for important brand updates. If your company has a dedicated production team already, OpenReel provides the added benefit of empowering other teams to be more self-sufficient and allow the video crew to focus on larger projects.

OpenReel adds flexibility and creativity for production teams

OpenReel provides video production teams with the same quality and control that they are accustomed to with traditional shoots and equipment. For a remote shoot, that is essential. For traditional shoots, OpenReel becomes another invaluable camera in the producer’s kit. By tapping into the remote video technology, producers can be more creative with their shoots and better plan for them. For instance, OpenReel is an ideal tool for filming interviews before talent is on-set, and it can be utilized to easily shoot b-roll rather than sending crews to multiple locations, extending the cost and time of your shoot.


OpenReel works with your team to provide a custom plan & dedicated support based on your needs

OpenReel offers customizable plans based on your team’s specific needs and video production goals, including specifying how many team members can act as shoot Directors and how many, such as your video editors, have access to footage. Combined with OpenReel’s signature collaboration tools, including in-platform chat and click-to-talk functionality, users can customize their production teams and replicate the roles and functions of a traditional shoot. 

If this still sounds complicated, don’t worry: your dedicated Account Manager is a video expert and strategist who will help you re-imagine how remote video creation can be utilized to more efficiently meet your specific goals, align with distributed stakeholders, and strengthen your bottom line. Additionally, an expert OpenReel Video Specialist is available to join and assist with your shoots. On top of a thorough self-service Help Center, multiple team members are always accessible via email, phone, or chat if you have any immediate questions.


This blog is the third installment of a five-part series designed to help you better understand and build a business use case for a Remote Video Creation™ platform, which is a crucial part of your distributed team’s content creation and collaboration technology stack. By adopting an end-to-end Remote Video Creation™ solution across the organization, you’ll future-proof your organization’s success in the era of hybrid and remote businesses’ digital transformation. Interested in learning more? Join our bi-weekly webinar where an OpenReel Account Executive provides a short demonstration of OpenReel’s tech plus insight into how it can be used to further your business and connect with your audience. Save your spot today

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