5 Immediate Ways to Use Video Across Your Business

Knowing video is a must-have is not a hurdle for most businesses. Instead, it’s determining how video can and should fit into your workflow.

By next year, 82% of consumer traffic online will be videos. If video is not part of your business strategy, you lose a significant amount of consumer reach to your competition.

From recruitment to sales and customer retention, each category of video has a purpose, and it should be scripted, produced, and shot with that goal in mind. Here are five types of video you should be creating for your business or brand.

1. Recruitment Videos

One of a business’s most important assets are the people you hire to drive your mission forward. But finding talent isn’t easy, and getting those people interested in your organization can be even harder. That’s where recruitment videos come in. Let your current employees do the selling with videos focused on the topics that matter most to your new recruits — company purpose, culture, career growth, perks, and benefits — so that potential employees actively seek out your company and know your value points before that first interview.


2. Product Videos

It’s one thing to hear about a product, read about why it’s great, or comb through the specs. But without video, businesses are missing a key opportunity to connect all those dots for the potential customer.

A strong product video can make a product, which is otherwise boring on paper, engaging, and make an exciting product even more interesting — all while addressing features that can’t be explained in words and photos. It’s the next best thing to actually using the product, and, with HD screen recording, this video concept is even simpler to film. With a strategic deployment on websites, social media, and email, it might just turn your potential customer into a buyer.


3. Testimonial Videos

Does your Sales team have a potential customer still on the fence, even after sharing your stunning product video? What about a potential employee not completely sold after the recruitment video? Written reviews will certainly help, but they lack the personal feel of a video testimonial from someone who has been positively impacted by your business.

And similar to the product and retention videos mentioned above, video testimonials can help nurture prospects toward that final sale or hire. Read more about why client video testimonials are more effective.


4. Help Desk Videos

There is nothing worse than a customer feeling stranded with a product problem, resigned to calling customer support to resolve. Few customer experiences can replace not having to call at all. That’s where help desk videos come in. A robust library of how-tos and troubleshooting tips will turn customer frustration into relief and trust, all while saving time for your customer service team.


5. Company Culture Videos

When a company has a culture to brag about, video capturing that culture is an essential part of its growth. Whether it is recruitment, investors, growth or just good old PR, video that generates excitement about your business while creating a narrative about its purpose, people, and mission of the business are highly effective.

And because company culture videos are versatile, multiple videos can work together to tell the story. From the mission-based CEO straight down to a ‘day in the life’ video of your newest employee, the different perspectives create a complex view of the company culture.

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