OpenReel Capture Product Updates, September 2021

Since OpenReel Capture 2.0 moved out of Beta in July, users have taken advantage of the powerful new features and updates to make impactful webinars, record compelling interviews, and film engaging training videos. We’ve also been working hard to continue to enhance our technology provide an even more seamless experience for Directors, Collaborators, and Subjects. Below are the recent product update and enhancement highlights you need to know about in order to get the most out of your OpenReel experience.

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iPhone Subject Grid View

Product Updates

Group view mode for iOS Subjects

The OpenReel Capture application now supports an optional group view mode available both when recording and not recording. The mode allows the Subject to see all other participants in the session (Team Members and Subjects) on the screen at the same time, and gives them the power to drag each participant’s feed to arrange it according to their own preferences.


New notifications for Subjects using external mics

If a Subject is using an external mic while recording on an iOS device, Apple’s hardware automatically enables echo cancellation. This prevents the Subject from hearing other team members. Now, icons will make it clear to Subjects when their speakers are enabled or disabled. 

With 2.0, we also released Pro Audio, which both works around Apple’s echo cancellation, while also allowing you to record up to 40% more audio data. Just have your Subject connect Airpods along with their external mic, and you’ll be able to hear each other at all times.

Teleprompter Dominant Speaker View

Teleprompter dominant speaker view for iOS Subjects

We have further enhanced our Teleprompter to include dominant speaker view for iOS Subjects. Now, when using the Teleprompter, your Subject will see the dominant speaker beside the script.


Resolution support changes for Directors

Knowing how much our customers value our best-in-class resolution, we’ve removed 480p as an available option. And remember: you can film up to 1080p on eligible webcams and 4K on eligible mobile devices.

Lost signal indicator for Subjects

If the director or Subject loses internet connectivity during a shoot, recording will continue with absolutely no loss to the audio or video quality — just as has always been the case with an OpenReel shoot. Now, though, the Subject will have the ability to stop recording since the Director will no longer be able to do so. The Subject will also be able to upload the file once a connection has been reestablished. 

Capture 2.0 features

Want the full rundown on what we initially released in 2.0? In addition to a more robust user interface, Remote Capture 2.0 adds a new suite of tools that enhance the recording experience on both sides of the camera, as well as audio, connectivity, and project management upgrades. Take a look below at some of the original prominent changes and updated features users have at their disposal.


On-demand webinar: Video ensures more engaging events with better ROI 

The shift from physical to both virtual and hybrid events has changed the way presentations and keynotes are viewed and put greater importance on the quality and measurement of the attendee experience. In our latest on-demand webinar, agency WorkerBee.TV discusses how using OpenReel to pre-record video ensures impactful event engagement and enables exhibitors to better track ROI at physical, virtual, and hybrid events.


On-demand webinar: Incorporate video into your internal comms strategy

Join OpenReel’s Operations Specialist Erica Manganaro for this 10-minute, on-demand webinar discussing the powerful impact of incorporating polished, short video into your internal communications strategy. Shot on iPhone via OpenReel Capture in 4K, we even have a few ideas to jumpstart your internal comms video game.


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