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OpenReel Capture Product Updates, January 2022

OpenReel's Dev team is starting 2022 in a big way: Capture for Android is officially available in Google Play after a successful Beta program, and our most recent Capture update is aimed at expanding our clients’ use cases, giving Subjects more control, and taking the guesswork out of filming to add even more simplification to the recording process. Happy creating!

As with any of our new updates and features, you must be using Capture 2.0 to take advantage. There’s a long list of reasons you should upgrade — 1080p resolution on webcam, richer audio files, adaptive upload, and the ability to record up to 8 Subjects just to name a few — plus it’s quick and easy. Schedule your training here.


Capture for Android

After a successful Beta program in November, Capture is officially available via Google Play to anyone using Android 8.1 or higher. Capture for Android has the same powerful controls as the iOS app and is compatible with external devices like your favorite Capture-compatible mics.

Start filming vertical videos

Directors can now record vertical iPhone, tablet, and Android feeds. The Subject sets the orientation through on-screen controls before the shoot begins, making it easy and simple to film portrait-mode videos for your favorite social platforms.

Subjects can swap their video feeds

Before this Capture update, a Mobile Subject’s own video feed was always featured in a small window. Now, if a Mobile Subject would rather see themself instead of the Director in the large feed, they can swap the two.

New warnings to take out the guesswork

Incompatible Browser

No more guessing whether the Subject is trying to join on an incompatible browser. Now, if they try to enter a Session through anything besides Firefox and Chrome, both the Subject and the Director will get a pop-up warning message.


Subject Losing Connection

It happens: the Subject hits spotty internet and their connection is threatened. Now, the Director will receive a warning that the Subject has been disconnected or has connection issues.

Questions? Or want to workshop these updates and upcoming features?

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