OpenReel Capture Product Updates, February 2022

OpenReel's Dev team is starting 2022 in a big way: Android is officially available in Google Play, vertical video is now live, and we're thrilled to introduce the latest version of Capture with our second update of the year. Our most recent Capture release is aimed at expanding our customer's functionality across mobile and web, giving Directors more control, and taking the guesswork out of filming to add even more simplification to the recording process. Happy creating!

OpenReel Capture Updates February 2022

As with any of our new updates and features, you must be using Capture 2.0 to take advantage. There’s a long list of reasons you should upgrade — 4K resolution on webcam, adaptive upload, and the ability to record up to 8 Subjects just to name a few — plus it’s quick and easy. Schedule your training here.


Empowering you with the latest features & functionality

We’re constantly enhancing OpenReel’s core technology to ensure it continues to empower your team to push the boundaries of what’s possible with video creation across Android, iOS, Webcams, and DSLRs alike. With that in mind, we are showing lots of love to our customers this month. In our latest Capture update, Directors have more options to film that will enable them to capture 4K webcam footage, select lenses on a device, monitor upload progress, set the Subject’s orientation and more!

OpenReel 4K Webcam Capture Capabilities

4K webcam recording now available

We know that sometimes webcams can be a convenient and flexible way to capture footage remotely. For this reason, we’re launching the ability to film webcam footage in up to 4K resolution — the same capabilities as Capture for Android and iOS mobile devices! If supported by their device and browser, web Subjects can now record in 4K. For DSLR users, you can confirm output resolutions to ensure you’re getting the highest-quality resolution possible.

Make mobile lens selections on iOS & Android

You’ve asked and we’re delivering! Directors can now select the best angle and decide which mobile lens they’d like to record from if the iOS or Android device has multiple lenses to choose from. This will afford the Director increased controls while allowing you to capture the best angle or switch views during the shoot.

What’s more, with the ability to make lens selections, Capture is now optical zoom compatible.

Additional updates to enhance your capabilities


View your file progress

Starting today, when using standard uploads, the progress bar will include the percent of the upload complete in the session clips view allowing you to more easily monitor the progress of your file upload. Please note that the upload percentage will not show if Adaptive Upload is turned on.


Mute options on mobile

Mobile Subjects can now say “quiet on the set!” with a click of a button. At their convenience, Subjects on iOS or Android mobile devices are enabled to easily mute themselves by simply clicking the microphone icon. By reducing the potential amount of noise feedback on shoots, Subjects are empowered with more control on their end to ensure the most successful session possible.


Set the orientation on mobile

Directors now have control over the orientation for mobile Subjects. In the controls, they will be able to select either vertical or horizontal orientation to shoot multiple angles, allowing for minimal technical friction and maximum creativity. 

Coupled with our new vertical video capabilities, Directors now have even more flexibility with their shots to seamlessly create vertical videos optimized for iOS and Android mobile devices. Learn more about the popular social video format, how to use it, and why it matters for your video creation toolkit.


Questions? Or want to workshop these updates and upcoming features?

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