OpenReel Capture Product Updates, October 2021

October was an exciting month for Capture with three major updates impacting the Director's experience and controls within the Session. More details on all the features are below.

Product Updates October 2021

To take advantage of these changes, you must be using Capture 2.0. Still not on 2.0? Schedule your training here. It’s quick and easy, and we are eager to get this incredible tech into your hands. Have suggestions for us? You can let us know those, too.

Dashboard Interface Director Capture

Updated Features

More account information at a glance

Your dashboard interface is enhanced so you can quickly see:

  • Total videos created over last 30 days
  • Total Sessions Created over last 30 days
  • Hours and minutes used out of total recording hours
  • Team members


Adjust sent invites from within the Session

If you need to adjust a recipient’s contact information or delete them entirely, you will be able to easily do this within a Session. The options include:

  • Delete invitation and remove user from Session
  • Resend invite
  • Update with new name, email, or invite type, then resend

Note that, if a user is already in the Session, you must remove them before you can resend or edit their invite.


Browser storage warning for webcam shoots

Chrome and Firefox both have storage limitations. When a Subject’s browser storage hits capacity, you are at risk of losing footage. To prevent this, Directors and Subjects now will receive a warning when the Subject’s browser storage drops below 500MB and then again when it drops below 200MB.


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