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Branded Video Ideas for Every Skill Level and Team at Your Company

The importance of a video marketing strategy is not a new concept. Overwhelmingly, research has shown that consumers want more video from brands, and brands want to produce that video because it works — from brand awareness, to Sales leads, to product education, to simple employee recruitment, video consistently has the highest conversion rate of any branded content. In OpenReel’s own research, a resounding 66% of respondents, both OpenReel customers and non-customers, said they want to be doing more video — but they are limited by time and finances.

Branded Video Idea for Beginners

We are thrilled that our OpenReel answers this need from brands. By allowing marketing teams to set branded elements, like logos and brand colors, and then provide an easy-to-use filming and editing software to all teams at a company, the end-to-end creation technology democratizes branded video creation. Anyone at your company can now record a video, trim the footage, drop it into pre-approved templates, and export a polished, professional video, regardless of skill level, experience, or industry.


Now that your team can make more video, we want to highlight branded video ideas for every single skill level, ensuring everyone can start creating today.


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Videos for Beginners

These videos are both easy to film and easy to edit. They almost all feature only the user and are largely shot from one perspective. If you are just dipping your toes into filming and video editing, try your hand at shooting these videos. Using OpenReel, the best video software for beginners, each only takes a few minutes to shoot, edit, drop into an approved template, and export.


Introduction… to Anyone

Whether you’re a Sales associate reaching out to new prospects or just getting started at a company and saying hi to new coworkers, film yourself for an easy, polished video intro. Self-captured videos are the simplest ones to make, especially with OpenReel’s video editing technology. You can film within the platform, drop the video into a template, easily edit, and export a final video in mere minutes.


A Vlog or “Day in the Life”

Like a personal introduction video, any sort of vlog is very forgiving and easy to plan since you’re the star of your own movie. HR professionals will find particularly good use for this style by showcasing a job on the careers page or launching employee spotlights. Prospects and customers always enjoy seeing behind the scenes.


User-Generated Content (UGC) Showcasing Your Products

One of the best marketing tactics is to let your customers submit videos using your products. Not only will these user-generated videos show prospects actual use cases for your product, but the videos double as testimonials that showcase the client logos who have embraced your brand.


Professional Videos

Not everyone is a professional videographer. While that doesn’t mean you can’t make professional-looking videos, you need to think about your goals with each video project and tailor it to your skill level. 

For example, hiring a film crew will be expensive and unnecessary if you are making a corporate training video. Instead, consider shooting and editing videos with OpenReel to make a video just as professional.


Testimonial Videos

A testimonial will typically feature an individual telling a story about how they used your company’s product and how much it helped them. These videos are a great way for a marketer to create trust in a product or service. 

These are also called success stories because they show prospective customers exactly what it looks like when they choose your product or service. Testimonial videos can range from short (1–2 minutes) to long (5+ minutes). 


Value-proposition Videos

Use value-proposition videos (sometimes called elevator pitches) to explain quickly and briefly what your business does. Founders and marketers can create these short, catchy videos to make it easy to convince a prospect why they should use your product or service.


Sales Pitch Videos

When creating videos to promote your product or service, you should be sure that you present the value clearly and concisely. Don’t get too bogged down in technical language. Instead, focus on conveying why your product is better than its competitors and what sets you apart. 


Product or Brand Announcement

Have brand news to share? Marketing teams can get their audience hyped up with eye-catching videos. Whether you’re introducing a new product or highlighting an upgrade to an existing one, videos are a great way to get people excited about your offer. 

Not only do announcement videos make it easy for users to learn more about your product, but they also provide an opportunity to show off what makes it so special.


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Videos to Make Once You’ve Gotten Your Toes Wet

Have brand news to share? Marketing teams can get their audience hyped up with eye-catching videos. Whether you’re introducing a new product or highlighting an upgrade to an existing one, videos are a great way to get people excited about your offer.

Not only do announcement videos make it easy for users to learn more about your product, but they also provide an opportunity to show off what makes it so special.


Presentation with Slides

There are many ways to tell a story through video—the most popular being infographics and explainer videos. You can even take video marketing a step further by creating a customized presentation, and then recording your screen through our software.

The best part about creating video presentations is that you don’t have to be confident at public speaking to make an impactful message. The video will feature your presentation and your voiceover — not you! — and, with our easy video editing software, you can smooth over any hiccups and export a polished final video.


Product Demo Videos

Product demo videos are a great way to show how a product works and can be especially useful if you have a complicated or unique product. A short demo video will help future customers learn about your product in just a few minutes and get excited about their purchase.

To create this video, you first will need to decide if you want to utilize OpenReel’s two-video or one-video template. For the one-video template, film yourself using the product with the product taking up the focus of the frame; if your product is an app or other computer-based software, simply use the screen record function of OpenReel. If you opt for the two-video template, once you wrap the first video, film yourself discussing the product so that viewers can simultaneously see you while watching the product demo.


Presentation Feature Demo

Do you think an outstanding feature sets your product apart from the competition? If so, highlight it in a short video. Record a video showcasing the feature’s usefulness, following the same process you use for product demo videos. This will get people excited about your product and help generate interest in what you’re doing.


Product Comparison Video

A good way to leverage video marketing is to make comparison videos, where you show how your product stacks up against your competitors’. 

If you think comparison videos are worth exploring, we highly recommend using OpenReel. You can quickly create side-by-side comparisons between two or more products in just minutes using our templates.


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Videos When You’re Ready to Stretch Your Skills

These videos require more editing skills because you’re filming multiple people in conversation, and necessitate more organization, planning, and storyboarding. If you feel confident in your skills, try your hand at these:


Fireside Chat Video

Fireside chats are when a CEO or public figure sits down with an interviewer and answers questions in front of a camera. A fireside chat can be as informal as your company’s founders talking to each other, but it can also be as formal as a CEO being interviewed by a business correspondent. 

You want it to feel intimate, like people are sitting around chatting, not like they’re doing an interview. Utilizing OpenReel Capture’s multicam feature, then editing the footage is an easy way to film and wrap a fireside chat video. 


Whatever you want. Seriously!

With OpenReel, novice videographers can make a video look as though they have years of experience. Whatever kind of branded video you need, make it with OpenReel. Only your imagination limits you. Seriously!

Ready to create videos at scale using the best video creation software available? Start your free OpenReel trial today, and take advantage of easy recording, powerful brand control, and end-to-end creation technology. 

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