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Upgrade Your iPhone & iPad Audio with Easy-to-Use Mics

Our team of Remote Video Creation experts has vetted mic options to capture high-quality audio for your iPhone or iPad video. These are our favorites for quality, ease of set-up, and affordability.
Lav Mic for iPhone Video

The audio for your video is just as important as the video quality itself. As with video, OpenReel captures audio at the highest quality possible for your Subject’s device. iPhones and iPads will record good quality audio for your remote video production, but a simple smartphone compatible external microphone will immediately make that audio even better. The best part? They’re easy to use and very affordable. Just plug into your phone, set-up your lights if you’re using, and start filming your shoot. 


Here’s the quick details: the OpenReel app will work with most wired, smartphone-compatible microphones. Of course, we wanted to make it easy if you’re looking for mics for your remote video production. These are our favorite external mics, tested, loved, and constantly recommended by our team of remote video experts. An extra bonus? Remote Capture 2.0 automatically detects mics making this easy on the Director, too. 


Note: Each of these mics is powered by the phone or tablet and features a TRRS connector, and requires a Lighting Adapter. We recommend buying one directly from Apple — more on that below.

PoP Voice Mic

The PoP microphone should be in every Director’s backpocket. A basic omnidirectional lav mic, the PoP is incredibly affordable and simple, which makes it ideal for sending to Subjects. Even if your Subject is filming entirely by themselves and has no film experience, they’ll be able to set it up seamlessly in just a few minutes. Clip to the lapel, plug into the lighting adapter, and plug the adapter into their recording device.

Shop PoP Voice Mic


PowerDeWise Lavalier

Another omnidirectional lav mic, the PowerDeWise will allow Subjects to easily clip on and start recording excellent quality sound. Originally designed for on-the-go smartphone recordings (though its connector does still require a lighting adapter), this lav works well on location, even in crowded rooms, and its included cord storage provides added convenience.

Shop PowerDeWise Professional-Grade Lavalier 


Rode smartLav+

For higher end remote video shoots, you may want to upgrade to the Rode smartLav. The lav mic captures broadcast-quality audio, while its four-foot cable also provides you with flexibility in framing your shot. Rode does offer a compatible extension cord, but this can add some static to the audio when used with OpenReel.

Shop Rode smartLav+


Amazon Basics Mic

Another very affordable option, Amazon Basics’ condenser mic is made specifically for smartphones. It comes with its own tiny stand, which is built to sit on top of your iPhone or iPad and capture the audio coming from the same direction of the camera. For added flexibility, you can also unscrew the mount and attach it to a compatible tripod, but note that the included extension cord cannot be used for this option.

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Rode VideoMicro

Rode’s other mic to hit our recommendation list carries all the benefits of a traditional shotgun microphone, made compatible for your remote video shoot. It’s simple and reliable, but has the benefits of a professional mic, like a WS9 furry windshield and a shockmount to help with vibrations.

Shop Rode VideoMicro


Apple Lightning Adapter

We mentioned it above, but we’ll say it again: each of these microphones has a 3.5mm headphone jack. To connect it to your iPhone or iPad, you must have a lightning adapter. They’re included with many Apple products, but, if you tossed yours, we recommend snagging another directly from Apple.

Shop Apple Lightning Adapter


Check out our other Equipment Guides if you’re interested in other equipment that works with your remote video shoot. You can also chat or email our experts directly. They’re happy to help!

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