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Easily Add Perfect Light to Your Shot

Our team of Remote Video Creation experts has vetted simple light options your Subject can easily set-up on-location for their remote video production. These are our favorite for quality, ease of set-up, and affordability.
Best lighting for remote video shoot

When prepping your Subject for their remote video shoot, always discuss the lighting in the location. The iPhone and most webcams do an incredible job of utilizing natural light to give you great footage with little work on your part. To help, use the recommended pre-production meeting to prep the space to work with the filming devices, and explain that naturally lit areas with adjustable lighting are ideal. Consider the time of day in which the sun will best enter the room, and also work with your Subject to adjust lamps or shades. 

If you want more control, you can also send your Subject a simple lighting option they can set up on-location. Our team of Remote Video Creation™ experts has vetted options, and these are our favorite for quality, ease of set-up, and affordability. All will ensure your remote video recording is perfectly lit without added work for your Subject.

Ring Light Kit

What was once for TikTokers and the Kardashian clan has become commonplace during the era of Zoom — for a very good reason. The classic Ring evenly distributes light to prevent shadows and create a better silhouette. We love this version, which has adjustable color temperature, because it comes with its own tripod and phone or DSLR mount, simplifying your Subject’s set-up and needs during your remote video recording. 

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Neewer 160 LED CN-160

LED panel lights are classics for photo and video shoots, and this 160-LED option is a basic and affordable version. It provides powerful illumination of your scene, and it can be adjusted with both a built-in dimmer switch or with provided filters. This battery-operated option doesn’t come with a mount, but can be used with most standard tripods or light stands (this is a favorite of ours). 

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VidPro LED-330X

This VidPro panel light is a more powerful option than Neewer’s, both providing nearly double the number of LEDs and more features. Ideal for Subjects with a bit more experience setting the scene, this light also has adjustable barn doors to control the direction of the light and adjustable color temperature controls — in addition to a dimmer. The ability to operate on a battery or AC power supply provides extra flexibility. Like the Neewer, it can be used with most standard tripods or with a stand. 

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Yongnuo YN-216

This powerful round light delivers 216 LEDs and comes with clip-on filters to provide simple color adjustments. While it’s made to mount directly to your DSLR webcam, it also comes with a table-stand or your Subject can add it to a tripod or mount for your remote video shoot.

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Want more lighting tips or interested in other equipment that works with your remote video shoot? Chat or email our experts. They’re happy to help!

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