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Everything You Need to Know About Capture’s Adaptive Upload Feature

Available in our December update, OpenReel Capture now supports the ability to actively upload footage while the recording is taking place. Adaptive Upload is a new OpenReel Capture feature that improves the overall time it takes for recordings to be uploaded from the recording device to the OpenReel user’s Cloud. It saves time for the Director and for the Subject by minimizing the waiting period at the end of a recording.

Adaptive Upload Capture Feature

How does the new Adaptive Upload feature work?

This feature works by uploading chunks of the clips while the recording is still occurring. Once the recording wraps, the upload will finish and the file will be complete, reducing the time to finish the upload after the recording is done to a fraction of a standard upload — meaning you can download a finished file that much more quickly.


Why is this called “Adaptive” Upload?

Adaptive Uploading improves the time it takes to get your recordings uploaded by dynamically adjusting the data being uploaded while the recording is taking place. In other words, Capture is actively adapting to other technical factors to create the best upload and filming experience possible.


How is this different from standard uploads on Capture?

If a Director opts to not use Adaptive Upload, then clips will not upload from the recording device until the recording ends. The Director can then hit upload if it’s a mobile recording or the file will automatically upload if the Subject is on a webcam.


Do I have to use Adaptive Upload?

Nope, this is a completely optional feature. You can turn it on for each filming Session, for all Sessions within a Project, or for everything you do via your Account Settings.


When will the file delete from the film Subject’s device?

Just like with Capture’s standard upload, files are never deleted from the recording device until they are 100% uploaded.


Will Adaptive Upload change the file type that’s delivered?

No, the file will not be changed and will still be delivered as .web for webcam and .mov for iOS and Android.


Is there any difference in file quality with Adaptive Upload vs. standard upload?

Capture never uses proxy files, so users will only receive the high-quality local recording files whether they are using Adaptive Upload, or not.


Will Adaptive Upload change the bitrate?

No need to worry about your clip’s bitrate. That’s determined during the filming process, not during upload.


What about the frame rate?

Like the bitrate, FPS are determined when you’re recording so they cannot be impacted by the upload process.

Interested in learning more about Adaptive Upload or the latest version of OpenReel Capture? Watch this video, check out the other powerful new features, or reach out today to see it in action

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