Professional Teleprompter

Seamlessly turn the Subject’s device into a teleprompter during live shoots. No need for memorizing lines, another device, or a third-party service. Stay on-brand and on-message every time.

Focus on the delivery of your message, not memorization

OpenReel Remote Capture Teleprompter
Edit in Real Time
Change the scrolling speed, font size, and script in real time. Reset the script to the beginning or choose a specific line based on your needs.
Adjust the Placement
Move the teleprompter remotely on your Subject’s desktop screen to manage their line-of-sight and comfort, as well as benefit from an optimized teleprompter location on mobile devices.
Save across Sessions
Write and save scripts for each Session within your Project, ensuring the teleprompter is just as ready to roll as your Subject.
G2 Logo Quote
"I can't find anything out there that records as nice as OpenReel with a teleprompter. The teleprompter was the biggest selling point for our leadership. They love using OpenReel and request it for their shoots. It makes them look good and sound good with clean audio & teleprompter. Even without use of the teleprompter, the quality can't be beat."
Actual Mid-Market Customer Review via G2

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