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Give every employee the VIP experience they deserve

From talent prospecting and culture posts to impactful trainings, video is the best way to consistently deliver an employee experience that wows. Easily, affordably, and sustainably create professional-quality video that delights your team and drives results for today's modern, distributed workforce.
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Attract, Retain & Delight Your Workforce with On-Brand Video

Persona Human Resources

Create Dynamic Onboardings

Remotely film engaging presentations and welcome videos using the camera on a Subject’s existing devices — from anywhere and regardless of skill level.

Engage with Top Talent

Make video your recruitment competitive advantage by efficiently scripting, directing, and recording studio-quality, content that stands out.

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Showcase Company Culture

Easily capture delightful, authentic, and polished recordings that highlight your organizations best features, boost morale, and build brand affinity.

Use Case Trainings

Impactful Learning & Development

Consistently film high-impact trainings and educational videos using multiple angles, screens, and presenters your employees will be captivated by.

Persona Executive

Polished Policy Overviews

Seamlessly create compliant company policy videos with stakeholders at their convenience by leveraging their own devices and the teleprompter feature.

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Secure Storage & Sign-On

Keep your internal content safe by controlling all videos created across the organization, managing permissions, and uploading to secure cloud storage.

See how Learning & Development teams use OpenReel

From nimble startups to global media conglomerates, today's hybrid workforce relies on OpenReel's Remote Video Capture™ technology to quickly, affordably, and sustainably create professional-quality video content at scale. See how OpenReel helped real estate technology company Compass save significant budget and time by filming remotely rather than flying crew to 5 cities for 75 internal training shoots.
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