Robust Camera Controls

Capture puts professional filming capabilities into your hands by allowing you to adjust traditional camera controls directly on your Subject’s device.

How OpenReel Capture's Camera Controls Work

Harness creative controls

On capable devices, Directors can adjust white balance, resolution, and focus. Plus, turn on the framing guides to easily explain to your Subject where they should position the shot.

Use technical capabilities

Select the highest resolution on your Subject’s device — up to 1080p or 4K on compatible devices. With a corresponding frame rate up to 30FPS and a bitrate over 8000KBPS, you can ensure smooth, high-quality playback.

Control hardware selection

Directors can flip between front-facing and back-facing cameras based on resolution and FPS need, as well as the Subject’s comfort level. Want to change audio input? The platform will automatically detect an external mic.

G2 Logo Quote
"The control that you gain over your subjects. No need for a video production crew with lights, bounce boards, boom mics or lavs, etc. Everything that you would need for an extremely high-quality video is all wrapped up in an excellent web interface and mobile app."
Actual Mid-Market Customer Review via G2


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