Remote Capture

Remotely film HD/4K video from over 125 countries

Efficiently film and collaborate on professional quality video initiatives at scale via mobile device or webcam utilizing OpenReel’s end-to-end Remote Video Capture™ solutions.

Create compelling video content with fewer resources

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Film from anywhere
Remotely control the camera on a Subject’s computer, tablet, or smartphone, as well as direct, script, film, and collaborate on high quality video projects in real time from over 125 countries.
Record in HD/4K
Capture up to 4K video locally on the Subject’s device to ensure the recordings are reliably filmed in the highest possible resolution and immediately accessible by your team in the cloud.
Collaborate with stakeholders
Virtually replicate the collaboration of in-person video shoots via two-way communication functionality and professional controls — enabling distributed stakeholders to scale global video initiatives.
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Deliver quality video content in a fraction of the time as typical shoots

Compass Video Library

Engaging Internal & External Communications

Empower your internal and external communications stakeholders across the enterprise through high-quality videos that humanize and add clarity to your message at scale. Produce low-lift executive messages, fireside chats, subject matter expert interviews, interactive training resources, and more that convey strong, effective, timely messages to your investors, employees, and customers.
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Authentic Brand Reviews & Testimonials

Develop more meaningful and direct connections with your audiences by filming authentic, transparent content that features happy customers and employees using OpenReel’s patented suite of Remote Video Creation™ capabilities. With OpenReel, businesses of all sizes can easily capture dynamic product unboxings, client testimonials, quality virtual watch parties, and genuine user reviews, regardless of your video team or Subjects’ locations.
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Compelling Promotional Assets

OpenReel’s easy-to-use platform empowers global enterprises to quickly create high-quality marketing assets such as pre-recorded panels for virtual events, interactive sales content, engaging product tutorials, eye-catching social campaigns, and more. From electronic press kits (EPKs) to on-set behind-the-scenes footage to holiday greetings, teams can seamlessly execute on-brand creative video initiatives with high-production value.
Effectively Scale Content Initiatives

Maintain collaboration & high production value with professional film capabilities

Remote Capture

Capture footage virtually

Remotely film using the camera on a Subject’s smartphone, tablet, or computer, as well as control the camera settings on their mobile devices while you film.
Global Access

Shoot globally from your desk

Easily script, direct and record in real time at your convenience from over 125 countries, no passport or travel logistics required.

Record in HD/4K

Reliably capture up to HD/4K video locally on the device regardless of connection, unlike video conferencing platforms.
Compatible Devices

Harness your own devices

Film enterprise quality video by using devices you likely have on hand and avoiding an investment in traditional full-production film equipment.
Virtually Communicate

Collaborate on a virtual set

Remotely replicate the collaboration, direction, and communication of an in-person video shoot on a digital set — regardless of stakeholders locations.
Talk Back

Communicate with remote teams

Talk and chat functionality allows for easy communication between the Director, Collaborators, and Subjects without distraction during production.
Multi Cam Capture

Get the shot with Multicam Capture

Simultaneously film multiple angles for high production value, or record a panel with up to four different Subjects on different devices in various locations.

Leverage the teleprompter

Seamlessly turn the Subject’s device into a teleprompter during live shoots, as well as adjust the scrolling speed, font size, and script in real time.

Use enterprise-grade solutions

Ensure consistent and simple access for your team via SSO and AWS S3 integrations to improve security, efficiency, and productivity.
Utility Sound Off

Maintain device controls

Monitor volume, battery, device type, temperature, and connectivity speed for supported devices to ensure a successful shoot.

Film with professional capabilities

Adjust visual controls like color balance, frames-per-second (FPS), exposure, ISO, focus, and flipping the camera on compatible devices.
Utility Sound

Oversee audio settings

Ensure quality audio feeds with enhanced controls, so you no longer have to manually adjust auto setting.
External Mic

Utilize external mic compatibility

Benefit from the option to utilize external microphones for your shoot to suit any enhanced audio needs the project may have.
Persona Talent

Provide white-glove service

Extend personalized invites for multiple Collaborators and Subjects, as well as have them wait in a virtual lobby before being admitted into filming sessions.
Great Frame

Ensure a great frame

Simply have your Subject log into the app at their convenience, follow the in-app framing guides, and solely focus on the delivery of their message.
Cloud Storage

Store your files in the cloud

Batch upload videos to secure cloud storage in real time preventing the need for physical delivery logistics and enabling immediate deletion from recording device.
Project Management

Manage your video projects

Control all videos created across the enterprise by organizing your Sessions, monitoring platform usage by project, and coordinating with your Collaborators.
Utility Sessions

Organize your best takes

Categorize your Sessions from each shoot with customizable naming clip conventions and Favorite your best takes for each project.

See How our Remote Video Creation Solutions Empower You

West Virginia University

Harness the power of video using fewer resources

Marketing teams benefit from the ease-of-use and scalability of OpenReel’s patented remote video technology. Reduce time-to-market when launching high-quality, creative video initiatives around the world, as well as generate more leads and increase awareness while establishing meaningful connections with your audience through engaging video content. Quickly launch on-brand video initiatives aligned with your goals, while saving money and time, regardless of where your teams are distributed.

REP Digital for Century 21

Elevate employee communications

Enterprises tap OpenReel to produce compelling assets for timely internal and external communications, whether it’s training videos, customer testimonials, investor relations assets, or company announcements. Stakeholders benefit from the ability to quickly enhance video communications more efficiently by making production low-lift for all participants. Utilizing OpenReel’s suite of capabilities, teams can control the company narrative by managing video content generated across the organization, providing scripts using the teleprompter feature, and joining shoots as Collaborators.

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Video Producers

Direct the shoot from anywhere

Video production teams leverage OpenReel to facilitate virtual events, film interviews, and create promotional assets, as well as capture compelling video content for audiences around the world. Efficiently create and scale content libraries for clients while being empowered to produce video content affordably and effectively without sacrificing quality or creative control. With the ability to remotely film and upload footage from the device to the cloud in real time from more than 125 countries, teams can seamlessly collaborate with distributed stakeholders during all production phases at their convenience — without the need to transport costly and cumbersome equipment.

Global Access

Remotely capture quality video worldwide

OpenReel’s patented suite of Remote Video Creation™ capabilities empower global enterprises to efficiently film and collaborate on high definition video projects via mobile device or webcam without leaving the office.
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Film from 127 countries without logistical hurdles

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