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Capture Your Most Important Thought Leaders Anytime, Anywhere

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Thought leaders move an audience to take action.

Efforts to capture video of the top thought leaders in an industry are often restricted by logistical challenges and budgetary constraints. OpenReel’s remote capture technology turns any thought leader’s smartphone into a professional video camera. Interview thought leaders all over the world without leaving your office.
Getting video content of busy thought leaders has never been easier with OpenReel.

Launch Authentic Thought Leadership Campaigns with Video

Openreel allows you to offer a simple and timely video capture solution to your industry’s thought leaders. Capture authentic and valuable content to elevate your brand.

Easy to Use Tool for Thought Leaders

Without disrupting your thought leader’s day, OpenReel allows you to capture enough content to fuel an entire marketing campaign. Your thought leaders simply download the OR Capture App and you can begin your interview.

Host a Panel

With OpenReel, capture panel footage of thought leaders having authentic conversations with each other from across the globe. OpenReel’s multicam feature allows you to capture footage through multiple phones in multiple locations and review your footage in real time.

Create Authentic Content

Video makes it easier for prospects to get to know your thought leader. The viewer can see a speaker’s passion for their expertise, their body language and hear their tone of voice. All aspects of your campaign that are impossible to replicate with text.

Remotely oversee quality

With OpenReel, your team can closely advise on video production without being in the same room. Provide live feedback on camera position, background, lighting and sound — all from your desktop. You can invite multiple team members to join and watch the shoot happening in real time.
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Diversify your video production offering

Create more types of video content at scale and on demand. Use OpenReel for

  • Video Interviews
  • Industry Updates
  • Product & Service Reviews
  • Thought Leadership Panels

… and more


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