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OpenReel allows you to conquer demand for volumes of high-quality social media video without compromising quality.

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Social Media Video Production

Video content dominates today’s most popular social media channels — from Instagram and Facebook to SnapChat and LinkedIn. It’s also the no. 1 driver of search traffic in the U.S.
If you’re not producing and sharing social videos, you’re not engaging your target audiences — let alone reaching them. Social media platforms are changing their algorithms to prioritize video so their users see the content they want the most: a constant dose of video shorts.
How do you keep up? Producing that much video content for social media requires flexibility and quick production. That’s where OpenReel’s remote capture technology comes in.

Tackle social media video production with OpenReel

With OpenReel, producing, shooting, editing and distributing high-quality social media video shorts is easier than you think.

OpenReel allows you to:

Shoot high-quality social video with a smartphone

Turn any smartphone into a professional video camera with OpenReel’s remote video capture technology. Your subject just downloads the capture app and you start the recording no matter where they are. Capture engaging social video content on location without a traveling production crew.

Remotely oversee the entire social media video shoot

Provide live feedback on lighting, camera position and sound as you watch and control entire shoots from your computer. Invite multiple participants to collaborate on the process in real time.

Shoot high volumes of video in less time

Quickly and easily shoot multiple HD quality videos for social media without the hassle of a video team, bulky equipment or lengthy post-production period. With minimal setup and no travel, you focus on what’s most important: the video footage.

Jumpstart the video editing process

Better footage from the beginning significantly cuts down editing time. With OpenReel, you don’t need to re-shoot or spend time in post-production adjusting audio and video before editing can begin. You know instantly if the video footage is what you need.

Collaborate on social media video anywhere across the globe

The OpenReel platform is an easy solution for shooting and collaboration across multiple locations. There is no limit to the number of people who can download the OpenReel capture app. Customizable Subscriptions for your business. View our pricing plans.

Diversify your video production offering

Create more types of video content at scale and on demand. Use OpenReel for


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