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Event Video

OpenReel allows you to replace your video production crew with a smartphone without compromising results.

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Event Video Production | OpenReel

You need compelling, high-quality video to market and promote your events. It’s the most powerful tool you have for building anticipation and continuing to make an impact after it wraps up.
Until now, event video production has required a video crew, advanced planning and a generous budget.
With OpenReel, you don’t need to pick and choose which events fall within budget. Our video production technology removes the financial barriers to shooting high-quality video of conferences, town halls, workshops and more. Learn how you can replace your video production crew with a smartphone without compromising results.

Shoot event video without a production crew

OpenReel’s remote capture technology is a game-changer for event video production.

OpenReel allows you to:

Turn your smartphone into a camera

OpenReel’s remote video capture technology allows you to control a video shoot from any smartphone. Your subject simply downloads the capture app, places the phone into a tripod and you can start recording them..

Remotely oversee the entire event video shoot

You can easily control a live shoot from your computer without traveling to the event. Multiple participants can watch the shoot happening in real time and provide live feedback on lighting, camera position and sound.

Obtain multiple camera angles with minimal equipment

All you need is a tripod and smartphone. Quickly and easily shoot multiple HD quality videos from different angles without the hassle of a full video team and bulky equipment. Position one smartphone on the speaker, or set up multiple phones to capture audience reaction or questions.

Instantly receive high-quality event video footage

Receive and review HD video files instantly and in the correct format. With real-time feedback, there’s no need for re-shoots or lengthy post-production time.

Types of Event Videos

Shooting dynamic event video is no longer cost-prohibitive with OpenReel. You can easily use our video production technology to shoot the following types of events and experiences:

  • Conferences
  • Break-out sessions
  • Workshops
  • Speaker panels
  • Town halls
  • Debates
  • Openings
  • Award presentations

Diversify your video production offering

Create more types of video content at scale and on demand. Use OpenReel for

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