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Employee Training Videos

With OpenReel, on-boarding and training employees with videos is easier than you think. Learn more.

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Employee Training Videos

Employee onboarding and training is a significant time investment. You need to reserve a room, coordinate schedules, prepare materials and present in-person. Many times, this format overwhelms people with too much information at once.
OpenReel provides a cost-effective and time-saving alternative. Our video creation technology allows you to easily record training videos in any location and make a bigger impact on your team. With video, your employees can access training materials from anywhere at any time, and digest the content at their own pace.

Deliver more effective training with employee videos

Reach and train more employees in less time with our easy-to-use video platform.

OpenReel allows you to:

Shoot high-quality employee training videos without a video crew

OpenReel’s capture technology turns any smartphone into a remote camera. Your subject simply downloads the video capture app and you can control the shoot from your computer. Quickly and easily shoot multiple HD quality videos across multiple office locations without the hassle of a video team or bulky equipment.

Remotely collaborate on video shoots

With OpenReel, your communications or HR team doesn’t need to be on-site. Watch the shoot happening in real time from your computer and provide live feedback. You can even scroll a teleprompter on your subject’s smartphone screen to help them stay on-topic and on-message.

Easily coordinate shoots across multiple offices

Because there’s no limit to how many people can download the OpenReel capture app, you can involve leadership at different locations. Customizable Subscriptions for your business. View our pricing plans.

Instantly receive high-quality footage

Receive and review HD video files instantly and in the correct format. With real-time feedback, there’s no need for re-shoots or extra time in the editing phase to correct lighting or reduce background noise.

Types of Employee Training Videos

Get started with OpenReel and see employee engagement and motivation soar. You can utilize video for any of the following internal needs:

  • New employee orientation
  • Compliance training
  • Continued education
  • Professional development
  • Workplace policy review

Diversify your video production offering

Create more types of video content at scale and on demand. Use OpenReel for


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