What Is Remote Video Creation?

Remote video creation combines the features and controls of professional video cameras — with the collaboration of traditional on-location video shoots — to create a single solution for end-to-end video production. Using the smartphone, tablet, and webcam devices you likely already have on hand, your distributed workforce can participate in the shoot on a virtual set ensuring the cross-functional collaboration afforded by in-person shoots remains intact. When it no longer matters where your stakeholders are located, or their level of experience with video creation, video becomes an accessible, affordable, and sustainable part of your business across the organization.

Why Film Remotely?

When we started OpenReel as a video production company in 2016, we quickly realized we couldn’t scale in-person shoots in the way that our clients needed. Shoots were expensive, the logistics of our team and our talent was cumbersome, and the time-to-market did not align with our needs. By the time the video finally rolled out, the topic was already old news, and the significant cost of the shoot meant there wasn’t any room left in the budget for additional creative content or experimentation. 


We knew that empowering teams to efficiently scale video would only be effective if we focused on each step of the production process. Preserving the quality of the footage was just as important as reducing the time it takes to securely deliver that footage to editors. Additionally, we wanted to ensure our platform was flexible and user-friendly enough to satisfy the needs of both seasoned film professionals and novices.  


In order to meet demand, we built a patented technology that enables you to remotely pair into Subject’s mobile or webcam device to remotely control, direct, script, and capture footage at the highest resolution possible on that device. It’s an end-to-end remote video solution, so you can film professional video from a different location than your Subject — and from a different location than the rest of your team — and almost immediately download files to begin the post-production process. What’s more, a Director can film up to four Subjects simultaneously on a shoot with separate devices, as well as invite four Collaborators to participate as stakeholders.


It’s sustainable, affordable, enterprise-grade video creation. It’s just remote.

“Discovering a tool like OpenReel, that really allowed me to gain the benefits of local recording, both from an audio and a video standpoint, and have remote control over it, and to be able to grab the file at the end, have that confidence that the file is there, that it's good, that it sounds good and be able to make interventions at the point... this tool enabling that in a pretty slick way has been a game changer for us.” — Michael Gilday, Executive Producer, DataRobot

Why OpenReel?

Patented & powerful technology

Our patented technology empowers OpenReel users to film locally on their Subject’s device in HD/4K. By pairing into the Subject’s mobile, tablet, or webcam, OpenReel ensures that the recordings are recorded in the highest possible resolution for that device without internet-interference on resolution. 


Robust mobile controls

The OpenReel technology on mobile puts professional filming capabilities into your hands through full control of your Subject’s iOS or Android device, including white balance, frames-per-second, exposure, resolution, focus, framing guides, alongside front/back camera switching. 


Reliable webcam capabilities

Unlike streaming solutions — which can degrade recordings based on internet connectivity — filming locally on a 1080p-supported webcam device using OpenReel’s proprietary camera controls allows you to confidently and consistently record professional-quality videos with elegant exposure, clear resolution, and crisp audio.


Remote collaboration

In-shoot chat features ensure effortless communication between the production Collaborators and Director, without disrupting or distracting the Subject. There’s no need for a third-party chat feature, so you simply can focus on your shoot. And with personalized teleprompter settings and real-time script updates, your Subject can focus entirely on their delivery, instead of memorizing lines or tweaking their device settings.


Shortened production timeline

Footage shot on OpenReel can be easily organized by project, and files can be saved with a clip-naming system, making them easily navigable for all collaborators. With secure Amazon S3 integration, your files can immediately be downloaded and shared, ensuring clients can quickly ensure you’ve gotten the right shots or editors can get to work on post-production immediately. 


Enterprise-class features

OpenReel is purpose-built to empower teams across organizations to securely and confidently create powerful, polished video. Best-in-class security, dedicated OpenReel support, patented technology, and intuitive features put the tools of a traditional shoot into the hands of professionals and video beginners alike.

Film remotely with sustainable, affordable, enterprise-grade video creation, powered by OpenReel. Schedule a demo today!

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