Future-Proof Your Business by Evolving Your Digital Tools

In November 2020, McKinsey released a report analyzing 40,000 B2B buyer-seller relationships across multiple continents. This was in the heart of the Covid-19 pandemic so the vast majority of these relationships were, of course, entirely digital.

Here’s the catch: 80% of buyers said they would prefer to stay digital after the pandemic ends. 75% also prefer video to phone. Additionally, sales were, on average, 10% more effective than in-person.

In other words, potential and existing customers want to interact with you on video and they are more likely to engage than they would be in person.

Just as businesses who resisted websites and email in the aughts lost out on revenue, businesses who don’t adapt to today’s digital tools are missing out on their share of the marketplace. If you’re thinking that creating video is far harder than opening an AOL account in 2001, well, you would have been right a few years ago. But today, OpenReel exists. Our patented technology was created to be an affordable, reliable, easy-to-use video creation solution that can be utilized by all production skill levels to change the way your company does business day-to-day. Not only is video fast, flexible, professional, and personal, but it’s opening doors for new ways to build relationships, experiment, and make meaningful connections at a fraction of the cost or time as traditional video shoots.

Video is the new email, and while we don’t come with catchphrases like “You’ve Got Mail,” we do want to make sure you’re not left behind in this stage of the digital transformation.

In our on-demand webinar, Pete Bradt, OpenReel Account Executive, hosted a short demonstration of OpenReel’s tech and provided insight into how it can be used to further your business and connect with your audience.

  • Explore the brand benefits of easy-to-create, professional videos
  • Hear examples of how businesses are utilizing OpenReel to streamline video across their organization
  • Understand the ease with which OpenReel’s technology can be integrated to your distributed team’s workflows

Interested in continuing to learn how remote video will future-proof your organization in the meantime? Check out our five-part blog series outlining why it’s critical to your tech stack, brand benefits, use cases, cross-functional workflows, and budget allocation insights, all designed to help you better understand, design, and implement a plan to adopt Remote Video Creation™ across the organization. 


This webinar was filmed through Zoom.