Patented Tech Let’s You Capture & Direct

Video Shoots Right From Your Desktop

Your Remote Video Center

Control The Shoot Like You’re In The Room

Direct It All

See Your Subject, Frame The Shot, Direct Their Performance. Shoot Anywhere, All from the comfort of your office.

Camera Controls

Start, Stop, Adjust Exposure,
Focus, Temperature & More. Roll the
teleprompter on their screen and away you go. ACTION!

Video Files

Record in 720, 1080 and 4K
resolutions. Download files instantly from your video shoots and share with your editors in real time.


Ask other team members to join and watch a shoot from anywhere. They can see, hear and comment on the shoot in real time.

Demo A Live Shoot

The Camera & Crew

Your subject downloads the app & starts a session

The Phone

The phone can sit in a tripod or be hand held for b-roll and more complex shots.

Hand Held

Mounted on Tripod

The Teleprompter

Roll your clients script right on the screen
for easy reading during the shoot.

Scripted Video

Why OpenReel Remote Video CaptureTM


Save up to 90% on
production costs with OpenReel’s technology
allowing for expanded video initiatives that were previously out of budget.


No more choppy, streaming recordings or worrying about internet connection. The right resolution, with the best quality, every time.


No other solution lets you create, view
and collaborate on video at scale. Control costs, output and consistency. Run one shoot or ten
a day right from your desktop.

How Companies & Agencies Are Using Openreel

Influencers & KOL

Capture ongoing video content from your biggest proponents. Social Video Content On Demand.

Client Testimonials

Show potential clients what it’s like to work with your team with stories from your biggest fans.

Internal Communications

Create engaging company updates from your leaders in a format that gets the message across.


Capture conversations with the top experts in your field.


Create engaging editorial videos and ongoing content for advertisers. Watch your views and reach skyrocket with video.

Training & Onboarding

Onboard clients and staff with engaging video content. Out with the handbook, In with the visuals.

What will you capture with OpenReel?