Say hello to OpenReel's Remote Capture 2.0 technology

With improved capabilities, new platform interface, and enhanced user experience, OpenReel’s Remote Capture 2.0 further streamlines video creation for distributed global teams through its accessible platform that can be used to create and scale video content any time, anywhere, by any employee across an organization.

OpenReel’s patented suite of remote video creation capabilities empowers beloved consumer brands and Fortune 500 enterprises to remotely direct, script, capture, and collaborate on up to 4K quality video content from over 125 countries, without leaving their desk.

Enter a few details below, and our team will help you explore what can be accomplished with OpenReel’s Remote Capture technology once we remove the logistical hurdles posed by in-person video shoots without sacrificing high-production value or your team’s creative collaboration. 

Film from anywhere
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Shoot in 4k
Film from anywhere
Remotely control the camera on a subject’s computer, tablet, or smartphone. Script, direct and record in real time from over 125 countries.
Record in HD/4K
Reliably capture up to 4K video locally on the device regardless of connection, unlike video conferencing platforms.
Collaborate with stakeholders
Virtually replicate the collaboration and communication of an in-person video shoot — regardless of your crew’s location.

See what OpenReel can do for you

Video Producers

Harness the power of video using fewer resources

Generate more leads and increase awareness while establishing meaningful connections with your audience through compelling video content. Quickly launch on-brand video initiatives aligned with your goals, while saving money and time, regardless of where your teams are distributed.

Elevate employee communications

Enhance employee video communications more efficiently by making production low-lift for all participants. Remotely manage video content generated across the organization and control the narrative by using the teleprompter feature. Quickly create and publish videos to convey time-sensitive messaging.

Control the shoot from anywhere

Produce video content affordably and effectively without sacrificing control. Upload footage from the device to the cloud in real time from more than 125 countries. Seamlessly collaborate with distributed Subjects and stakeholders during all production phases.

Amplify your video strategy more efficiently

Provide clear, confident, and effective communication to investors, customers, and employees. Sustainably scale video production for globally distributed teams while minimizing the cost and time investment posed by in-person shoots. Position yourself as a thought leader while achieving Sales and Marketing goals.

Experience the ease of remote filming & direction

Be captured in HD/4K at your convenience, anytime, anywhere in a low-lift and contactless way. Enable video experts to control every technical and creative aspect of the shoot. Empower communications experts to pre-load a script and ensure you’re presented in the best light without the need for prior memorization.