How & Why Learning & Development Teams Can Utilize Video Content

Training videos are an excellent medium to further learning & development initiatives. When your purpose as a department is to further the growth and educational opportunities of the internal team, finding new ways to make learning fun and easy while increasing the rate at which employees retain information is key.

L&D Training Videos

Why L&D Should Use Video

Learning & Development teams have long relied on in-person or text-based training. So, why should they redo their own playbook?

Retention is improved

People are more engaged by video learning and retain 95% more from watching videos than reading or speaking. In contrast, retention rates for text-only content is around 10%. When you are educating a new customer on how to use your product or training new hires to actually perform their job, it’s crucial they remember what they’re learning.

Training videos are more effective

Pre-recorded, on-demand video can be watched whenever, wherever and at the viewer’s own pace. For L&D functions, that is game-changing. Not only can learners go at their own pace, repeat and rewind missed parts, and stop when they need to regain focus. They can also return to these videos days, weeks, and months later when they need to refresh their memory on the material.

Video makes your job easier

Video removes a ton of the hassle from Learning & Development, primarily in the form of scheduling. Gone are the days of clearing calendars and getting everyone in the same room to educate people on new policies. No need to deal with one-offs requests for reminders on information.

Easily distribute information to a remote or traveling team

Video is easy to optimize for staff who are distributed or on the go. It’s watchable on mobile devices, can be consumed in small portions, and is available on-demand for variable schedules.

The average attention span is decreasing, and most people consume a lot of video content on their phone during the day anyway, so making sure to break these down into small sections that can be completed a little bit at a time is another great way to ensure they’re eventually completed by employees that might have struggled in a day long or in person training.


Learning & Development Videos

Modern L&D Requires Engaging Video

With OpenReel’s video technology, L&D specialists can increase learning opportunities, while strengthening communication and education.

Types of Video Content for Learning & Development Teams

Video can help learning and development teams better support their companies. Video training ensures employees are more knowledgeable, better trained, and have accessible learning materials at their fingertips.

Use video to deliver repeat trainings

Save money by filming repeat trainings live one time and then reusing that video, rather than using time and resources to do it live over and over again. If your trainings needs some updates each year, just record a new section, trim out the old information, if necessary, and update your old video.

  • A safety training you’re required to repeat annually
  • An onboarding or basic rundown for new hires that gets repeated with every person joining
  • A great talk from an amazing speaker you want to be able to recycle with different groups
Establishing company culture and norms

Using video ensures consistency of delivery, which is important when you want every person to receive the exact same message. Nowhere is this more relevant than in establishing a company culture and norms, when you ideally want everyone to receive the same consistent message.

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion workshops
  • Messages from the executives or the board
  • Scenario-based demonstrations to showcase company expectations
Human Resources information

Using training videos for certain aspects of learning and development related to HR can make your life a lot easier. Get the following materials in order annually and distribute them just once:

  • Benefits information and updates
  • Annual changes to retirement plans
  • Policies, procedures, and standard protocols for the company’s working arrangement
  • Emergency protocols
  • Required compliance trainings like diversity and harassment
  • Accessibility and sensitivity trainings for executives


Help Your Team Actually Want to Make Video

Making videos should be a team effort. Whether you want more tutorials for customers or a way to eliminate too many meetings, video content can make a difference. These five tips will help your team embrace video content creation.

Product demonstrations

If your organization has a product that undergoes a lot of changes or updates regularly and not every employee is in a role where they’re a part of those changes, regularly distributing product update videos can help the team feel more connected to what’s happening at the company.

  • Changes to the product features or design
  • Demonstrations of new features so people can see how the changes improve things
  • User demonstrations to show how it’s experienced in the hands of the customer
Bring cutting edge information to the team

Part of the job in Learning and Development is to make sure industry research and information are brought to the team in a timely manner. Using video resources to distribute this information can bring it to light faster and get everyone on the same page more easily.

  • Curated TED talks from your industry
  • News releases, press conferences, or other industry-related information
  • Informative user-generated content from your community of customers
Revision training

If you have employees who fail portions of their training and need remediation, video can mitigate a lot of the expense and hassle involved. Additionally, if it becomes clear during the year that the entire staff needs a training refresher, rather than set that up and plan for it, you can just reissue the video training from before and mandate it as a refresher.

  • Remediation for failed employee training
  • Refresher courses for supervisors
  • Promotion testing

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