AI start-up DataRobot Produces Global Conference, Recording Big Logo Clients Using OpenReel

With four weeks notice, DataRobot pivoted to a remote conference. The AI start-up’s video team harnessed OpenReel™ to film 18 hours of presentations with big logo clients for a dynamic, high-impact conference experience.
DataRobot Video Teaser OpenReel
To be able to make those pivots right in the moment, remotely control exposure and focus and the resolution to frame and even just the basics of it being horizontal... it’s a big deal. Plus, I needed [my team] to be able to work on things quickly. To be able to take the files, put them up into our cloud storage, and have them editing within a few hours was a giant benefit.
Michael Gilday
Executive Producer at DataRobot

The Company

DataRobot is the leader in enterprise AI, delivering trusted AI technology and ROI enablement services to global enterprises competing in today’s Intelligence Revolution. Its enterprise AI platform maximizes business value by delivering AI at scale and continuously optimizing performance over time.

The video production team at DataRobot, an AI start-up, was challenged to produce a full-day conference featuring speakers from across the globe — in less than five weeks. The team was cognizant that asking speakers to master the technology necessary to self-record a good video would be a distraction from the actual presentation they needed to make. There also were the added concerns around the short production time, the risk of footage taking a long time to arrive for the video team to edit, and the possibility of footage not actually being usable. OpenReel™’s Remote Film Creation™ platform changed that. DataRobot’s team was able to utilize the filming tools that they would use on a traditional shoot, while directing the subject. By taking all responsibility off the conference speakers and being able to immediately have footage available to edit, the team seamlessly filmed 18 hours and edited that footage into a powerful day-long conference.

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