Remotely film HD/4K videos from over 125 countries

An enterprise-grade video solution that’s just as easy as opening your Morning Brew emails? We built OpenReel to be fast and efficient so your distributed team can reimagine how you create and collaborate on professional-quality video projects at scale.
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Effectively & affordably scale content initiatives

Learn how OpenReel empowers distributed global teams across industries — from enterprise organizations to entertainment conglomerates, like ViacomCBS — to create exceptional virtual experiences and high quality global content initiatives. Companies that use OpenReel save up to 90% on production costs, equipping them to scale content creation initiatives around the world with ease.

Easy Ways to Utilize OpenReel on Day One

Film from anywhere
Elevate internal and external communications with timely, engaging content that resonates with your audience.
Easily capture compelling reviews and authentic client testimonials that are on-brand and low-lift for distributed stakeholders.
Promotional Assets
Quickly launch on-brand video initiatives aligned with your goals, while saving money and time, regardless of your team's location.

Remote Video Creation™ for Global Enterprises


Remotely record in HD/4K

Reliably capture HD/4K video locally on your Subject's smartphone, tablet, or computer regardless of connection, unlike video conferencing platforms.
Global Access

Shoot globally from your desk

Easily script, direct, and record in over 125 countries — no passport or travel logistics required — and access recordings from the cloud in real time.
Virtually Communicate

Collaborate on a virtual set

Remotely replicate the collaboration, direction, and communication of an in-person video shoot on a digital set — regardless of stakeholders' locations.

Film with professional capabilities

Adjust visual controls like color balance, frames-per-second (FPS), exposure, ISO, stabilization, focus, and flipping the camera on compatible devices.
Utility Sound Off

Maintain device controls

Monitor volume, audio settings, battery, device type, temperature, and connectivity speed for supported devices to ensure a successful shoot.

Use enterprise-grade solutions

Ensure consistent and simple access for your team via SSO and AWS S3 integrations to improve security, efficiency, and productivity.

You’ll be in good company

From startups to Fortune 100s, explore how global enterprises use OpenReel’s patented Remote Video Capture™ technology to quickly, affordably, sustainably, and efficiently create video content at scale. See how OpenReel™ helped real estate tech company Compass drive site traffic and launch 75 multi-city Master Class-style shoots around their brokers' busy schedules.
Compass OpenReel
Learn how OpenReel™ is transforming the remote tech stack, helping businesses of all sizes leverage video as a tool for inspiring content and quality connection — all while mitigating the prohibitively resource-intensive processes that typically accompany on-location video shoots. See why customers like The Dodo use OpenReel’s end-to-end Remote Video Creation™ solutions to more efficiently capture video without sacrificing high production value, quality footage, or cross-functional collaboration.
“[The footage] was a million times better than what we could have done through other means. It provided a level of confidence in the viewer, the viewers from our end who are watching our sessions and the speakers and the subjects. And what we were able to capture with them, you know, the quality was really high.”
Michael Gilday, VP Storytelling at DataRobot

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